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(1) Sample: We reproduce the classic picture of movie!

Posted by: banban | Publish time: 2014-4-5 23:47| Views: 1713| Comments: 0|帖子模式

Edited by banban at 2014-4-5 23:56

Surreal, Man and Dog Re-enact Iconic Movie Scenes
Article from:http://likes.com/media/man-and-dog-re-enact-scenes-from-movies?

#1The Notebook (2004)
Rachel McAdams doesn't quite look like the pup, but it's a cute picture

#2Spiderman (2002)
This is less romantic with a furry four-legged creature.

#3Titanic (1997)Imagine if Jack was pulling Rose's ears to hold her back on the ship!

#4The Hunger Games (2012)This could be called the puppy chow games!

#5Top Gun (1986)This is an almost scarily identical screenshot.

#6Brokeback Mountain (2005)Maybe it would have won more Academy Awards if it starred a dog?

#7Sixteen Candles (1984)The dog looks pretty in pink!

#8Dirty Dancing (1987)This iconic lift scene may be even more adorable with the dog!

#9The Graduate (1967)The paw is only a little less sexy.

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