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Engrish, American or English?

Posted by: EnYa | Publish time: 2014-6-3 18:05| Views: 47930| Comments: 4|帖子模式

U Wanna learn American? Or do you want to learn English? So many non-English speakers use slang.

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T2013 Post on 2014-6-3 18:29:54
Haha,so how about you? Which do you prefer?
ozer Post on 2014-6-3 19:57:50
Well, there are slang in every English speaking country...
EnYa Post on 2014-6-4 11:29:43
"well there IS slang in every country' *Correct English So should we copy everybody else to be cool? Or
be individual by speaking our language correctly. Should we all wear hats back to front like Americans to be cool? Buy a gun? Start a war? Being Chinese or Australian is unique. Many young people want to be like American from TV. The real America is not like TV. The real English speaker takes care to speak correctly, and take the time to write correctly. Be proud of your native language, it is what makes your country unique and special.
LaowaiBaba Post on 2014-6-4 20:47:04
Edited by LaowaiBaba at 2014-6-4 20:57

As 60 year old I have seen many language changes happen in Australia. With the influence in the 60's of American based TV (most TV programs then were from America. And some from the UK & Canada.) The influence of the music and drug culture of the 1970's also changes the way we spoke. Too much, far out, psychedelic, unreal, super, groovy, ego tripper, rip off, tripper, and many others came from this culture so people could sound 'hip' or 'cool'. We often become sheep to be cool... We copy others who we think sound cool. Movies are also a big influence these days. I agree that our language is unique to our culture.
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I have taught many Chinese English on he internet and in China. I teach correct English and only want to learn pure HAN Chinese language. Because it is beautiful

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